Buying a House Using the Bank of Mom & Dad:
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Presented By:
Anna-Marie Musson
Founder & Managing Lawyer
Musson Law
Did you know that 33% of Canadian homeowners need help from their parents to purchase a home? In Canada’s suburbs and cities alike, competitive home prices have millennials and first-time homebuyers at a disadvantage - causing them to turn to their baby boomer parents for financial help.

Join us for a free webinar with Musson Law founder & managing lawyer, Anna-Marie Musson for steps to make sure all parties feel secure and protected, legally and emotionally.
With the Bank of Mom and Dad as a relatively new “institution” - join Anna-Marie Musson, Founder & Managing Lawyer of Musson law for a free webinar to explore how homeowners and parents can protect their investments, navigate uncomfortable conversations, and prepare for any future through modern marriage contracts. All parties involved should land in a place where each feels secure and protected, legally and emotionally.

 In this 60-minute webinar, we'll cover the following topics, in addition to answering your questions. 
Description & Key Topics
  • Evolving trends in real-estate and homeownership 
  • The risks associated with the Bank of Mom & Dad 
  • How to navigate difficult conversations 
  • The importance of modern marriage contracts 
  • Key areas of a modern marriage contract 
  • A lawyer's role in the process
Meet Your Presenter
Anna-Marie Musson
Founder & Managing Lawyer
Musson Law
A graduate of Windsor Law, Anna-Marie Musson started her career in law in 2002 and brings over 15 years of experience with her. She started through litigating at a prominent national Bay Street law firm and moved up to senior partner. After spending years litigating cases in court, Anna-Marie identified that this process was dated, expensive, and unnecessary – there’s no need for many family cases to go to court. It was this realization that led Anna-Marie to create Musson Law, leveraging her wealth of knowledge and experience in solving issues without involving the court. She has a passion for innovative, out-of-the-box problem solving and not only is able to help her clients as a lawyer but also as a strategic advisor. Her big picture thinking allows her clients to move forward in their lives. 

Connect with Anna-Marie through her website or through Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. You can also email Anna-Marie directly at: or book a meeting here.
The Biggest Mistakes the Bank of Mom and Dad Make – and How to Avoid Them
Resources to Prepare
Written by Anna-Marie Musson, Musson Law
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Written by Vexxit
Written by Vexxit
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