Employee Engagement Program
Only 32% of employees are engaged. 
Almost 51% of employees are not engaged whatsoever
For every disengaged employee, the cost is 34% of their salary according to Gallup Company surveys. 

That means if the average salary is $60,000, $20,400 is paid towards non-productive time. 
Here's how Vexxit Life helps. 

Let's do the math.
We deliver advice on life’s serious stuff.
Vexxit has a nationwide network of top financial advisors, accountants, lawyers and consultants that share their expertise through multimedia resources presented through our online portal – Vexxit Life. 

Vexxit Life also connects an individual who is ready to take the next step and work with the right professional that meets their needs. 
What is Vexxit Life?
How Vexxit helps 
you and your team.
Experiential Learning: We align with your company’s commitment to employee wellness by delivering a platform where employees can access credible advice on finances, work and relationships from leading professionals across Canada.

Digital Events: We curate interactive and educational events specific to your team to support them through milestones in their personal and professional lives. This is designed to accelerate employee engagement in the workplace.

Personalized Experiences: We deliver a customized digital experience for each individual on your team so the content aligns with what they want to learn more about.

Business Intelligence: We turn insights into greater action, tap into what drives your employee culture, and benchmark results against other companies like yours.

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